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Research Study Requests
Together We Can Change The World





We have been invited to participate in multiple surveys and studies with multiple groups in the LGBTQIA+ community. 


Below you will find descriptions and links to participate in these activities. These are optional activities…please feel free to participate in the surveys that apply to you. Only together can we change the world, make sure your voice is represented in our ever changing world.


Joseph Regina of the University Of South Florida is seeking participants for their doctoral dissertation.  Participants are encouraged to take 3 surveys (each sent one month apart) that take roughly 30 minutes to complete. Compensation will be provided as a thank you for each survey completed. 

This study examens the impact of workplace factors on the degree to which sexual and gender minorities are able to make their significant other "visible" at work. Additionally the survey seeks to examine the degree to which an inability to be visible is related to negative career and health outcomes. The end goal is to inform organizations about how to create inclusive environments that allow LGBTQIA+ individuals to integrate their family life into their work life.


To participate follow the link below:

We are seeking participants for a dissertation survey that examines the work-family experiences of gender and sexual minorities. Full participation will include taking 3 surveys (each sent one month apart). Completion of all 3 surveys will take a total of 30 minutes to complete, and compensation ($7 for those that complete all 3 timepoints) will be provided as a thank you for each survey completed. Further information is provided on the consent form that leads into the survey, which can be accessed here: If you have any questions or inquiries about the study then please feel free to contact the research team at


JayAre Escobar is currently working on a college paper with a thesis I've chosen that explains the topic of how queer erasure in educational institutions are proving to be incredibly harmful for LGBTQ+ youth. I wanted to ask a few questions from organizations who support the youth and their freedom to learn about themselves. If you have a moment or two I would appreciate asking some questions about the topic if that is okay? This will be strictly for my college paper.


To participate contact them through email:

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