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Meet The Team

Princess Mocha

President & Co-Founder

Princess Mocha has always been a strong advocate for the LGBT+ community. Even upon graduating high school she has spent her time devoted as a drag queen entertaining and promoting the welfare of the LGBT+ community with each performance. She has mentored many aspiring adults and children over the years in the culture and art form of drag and in her efforts raised over $7000+ for Upstate Pride during her reign as Ms. Upstate Pride 2016. Princess Mocha is a Co-founder of the Rainbow Support Group - SC and helps facilitate various operations to better the community, aid in LGBT+ morale and promote the best reputation for all LGBT+ community members

Kim Williams

Vice President & Co-Founder

Kim Williams has been an LGBTQIA activist in the upstate of South Carolina for the last 20 years. She believes in the view that together we can change the world and is working towards this goal in the upstate. She has experience in the LGBTQIA community as an leader and has been a mentor to many in the Upstate. She has been a volunteer for Meals On Wheels, volunteered and held board positions in Upstate Pride, as well as held board positions in the Greenville and Spartanburg chapters of PFLAG. Kim is a co-founder of the Rainbow Support Group. Kim has always supported encouraged the LGBTQIA community and is available 24/7 for all LGBTQIA persons and our allies.

Lee King


My name is Lee King, I am trans FTM. I have been trans for years. I have been on hormones for awhile now.I have 2 degrees 1 in electronics the other in criminal justice with an undergraduate certificate in cyber crime. I want to be able to spread positivity, decency, and happiness to our community.I want future generations to be able to have the freedom they deserve to live their truth. Being a member of the rainbow support group board has made it possible for me to help more on the front lines as well as in the back. To show people that it’s never to late to start living your true self. I want to inspire people not just their minds I want to inspire their souls as well. Forgiveness is for you not for them. Its ok not to be ok just don't stay there to long. Never be afraid to be you and live your truth.


Tessa Jade

Tessa Jade is is one of our MTF Trans Coordinators.  She is wanting to help spread awareness for the trans community and is committed to not only teaching others but also learning. Her time spent in foster care as a kid and being homeless gives her a special ability to connect with those that are classified as out cast. Living as her true self has given her the courage and bravery to speak up for those who can't for themselves. She hopes to make stronger connections and help pave the road to equality for the trans community.


Brandon Watford

image0 (1).jpeg

Hello Everyone! My name is Brandon Watford and I have been a member of the Rainbow since 2012. At the time, this small group, became my friends and eventually my family. So many great and memorable experiences and people. They’ve always been there when I need them, no matter the time of day. My only wish for the Rainbow is growth. There’s always someone we can help, even if they don’t know it yet. I’m embracing a new chapter in my life right now and will be traveling around the country for work. During this time, I’ll be sharing our name and mission with any local LGBTQ+ Businesses and Groups. Together we can change the would, I can’t wait to be apart of the history yet to come!


Dre Burke

My name is Dre. I am trans FTM. I have struggled with my truth for years but it was here recently I took the next step in becoming my true self.The rainbow group has been in my life for years. They taught me that it truly is not too late to start being who I am in my heart. I am an ambassador of this amazing group because I believe in their promise and a vision for our future for generations to come. To inspire young people of this amazing community that there is life on the other side. We are here to help,talk, and support everyone in need of our help and a friend to come to when they need a shoulder to lean on.
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